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Custom Ponds Installs

Instill Beauty in Your Landscape with a Custom Pond Install

Custom Ponds Installs

Elements such as firepits,ponds and water features can be incorporated into any design.

The Aquatic Frog has been creating artistic water features for our customers across the region for many years.

Types of Ponds

Change is our forte and gives US the freedom to express our artistic ability in the most vivid manner. Can easily become the focal point for any landscape project. We have the expertise to create numerous kinds of ponds,with the following as some as the most popular choices:

Custom Ponds Installs
  • Pondless Water Features- This is a low maintenance option for those that want to have a water feature without the all the work of keeping the standing water of a pond nice and clean. So you can enjoy the tranquility of a waterfall without having any maintenance time involved.

  • Fountain Pond- The pond itself has a pump-powered fountain rising from it. The spray of water that rises into the air helps in oxygenating this pond as it falls back to the surface

  • Waterfall Pond- This is probably one of the most popular types of ponds. These tend to have a very soothing sound as the water cascades gently down natural stones, into the custom pond install at the base.

  • Nature Pond- These are also sometimes called wildlife ponds and have a significant amount of aquatic plants in them

  • Koi Ponds- If your landscaping design is based on an Asian theme, a Koi Pond will make the perfect addition. Koi are domesticated carp and a number of ponds in and around Tallmadge now have them

Customization and More

Custom Ponds Installs

But the customization aspect does not end here. We can create the ambience you desire around the pond area. For instance we can create Mediterranean-style settings, Woodland or Asian-style ones to give you a garden that you will be truly proud of. If you are looking for thoughtfully-designed & skillfully-constructed water features, we are the company to come to.

We focus on creativity, efficiency, timely execution and use the highest-grade materials. We maintain realistic pricing and prioritize customer satisfaction on all fronts. We have the most innovative and insightful designer’s on-board The Aquatic Frog team and our experienced and skilled craftsmen ensure that your custom pond install project is completed to perfection.

We will put our full artistic abilities to the test to create a landscape everyone will be proud of.

We Provide Services to the Following Cities and Towns in OH:
  • Hudson, OH
  • Mogadore, OH
  • Copley, OH
  • Uniontown, OH
  • Ravenna, OH