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Natural Stone Design Build

Natural Stone Design Build

Landscapes are a mix of hardscaping and softscaping and a number of elements within these, go into making a well-balanced design. Hardscaping designs make use of a range of materials such as brick, concrete and natural stone. The latter can add drama to outdoor spaces and make them look unique and attractive.

Natural stone is an extremely versatile material and The Aquatic Frog uses different types of stone in landscaping projects across Tallmadge. Natural stone design build can be used in the installation of patios, pathways, ponds, walkways, driveways, stone walls, stone accents and borders. In addition, it’s great for building retaining walls that are useful in erosion control.

Types of Natural Stone Design Builds

We have created stunning landscaping elements for our customers in Stow, Akron, Kent and the surrounding areas. Let’s take a look at how all these elements can be created and what function they have in any landscaping:

  • Stone Walls- These could be either decorative or functional. The former could be used to line pathways or walkways and some of them might also be used in outdoor kitchen or on patios and decks. Different types of stones can be used in the installation of these stone walls and they are an integral part of natural stone design builds in a landscape.

  • Stone Borders- These add a very special look and can be used to line plant and flower beds as well as pathways, walkways and lawn areas. They help in effectively segregating areas without marring the look of the landscaping

    Natural Stone Design Build
  • Stone Accents- They can be installed on existing concrete walls and can add a very unique touch to any space. These long-lasting protective finishes can be used on structural and architectural features as well as on decorative accessories. It is a great way of sprucing-up the look of an existing space or for disguising any unattractive or plain building materials that exist in a structure

  • Erosion Control with Stone- A lot of properties have graded land and though this is an amazing landscape design opportunity, it also poses certain real problems. You may have to level out areas like driveways and pathways as well as for areas where steps have to be constructed. Any kind of slope is also prone to erosion and as part of the landscaping plan, it is important to add some retaining walls at strategic spots. These retaining walls can also be used to demarcate areas and can be used as dividing walls for features like outdoor kitchens. Creating in-built seating or spaces for planters in them, adds to their functionality and beauty.

Customized Solutions

The Aquatic Frog can create the most stunning and functional Natural stone design build features on your property and these could be made of stones such as sandstone, flagstone, travertine, slate, granite and limestone. We create magic with natural stone so that you have beautiful spaces to live in and enjoy. To learn about how we can customize Natural stone design build solutions for you, contact us on 330-256-0805.

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