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Planting and Design

Planting and Design

Plantings are an integral part of any landscape and the kind of garden plants, shrubs, flowering plants and trees that you use will decide what the look of your property will be. When used in perfect combination with lawns and hardscaping elements, planting and design makes outdoor spaces look and feel good.

The Aquatic Frog has expert landscape designers who are able to create inspired gardens with the use of different concepts in planting and design. We have vast knowledge about horticulture and it is this expertise that allows us to create surroundings that are unique and interesting.

The Perfect Design

We focus on using our knowledge and experience to create the perfect planting and design concepts. The balance and sustainability of a landscape relies on the kind of plantings that are used. Apart from the design aspects, we also ensure that the plants that are chosen for any particular landscape should have very similar watering needs.

This ensures that you will have a garden that is easy to maintain and which will also be cost-effective in the long run. We work very closely with all our customers in and around Tallmadge to understand what their individual needs are. When we choose plantings, we also keep the landscape concept and design as central to the theme. This is a very crucial aspect, as different customers have different needs and tastes.

Types of Plantings

Planting and Design

Some homeowners prefer Asian-styled gardens while others lean towards tropical or Mediterranean concepts. Regardless of what your specific requirement is, we have the skill and the expertise to carry it out to perfection. We also focus on using plantings that are suitable to climatic conditions in the region and you can choose from:

  • Trees- These are the tallest green elements in any landscaping design. They provide shade and add beauty to your property. They also help in balancing the atmospheric temperature on your property and when they are positioned near large windows of your house structure, can help in reducing air-conditioning costs. Based on your choice, we can plant perennials or fruit trees or ones with very thick foliage that can act as a privacy screen if you live in a very busy neighborhood

  • Shrubs- They are like small trees and do not grow too high. You can pick either upright, cascading our mounding shrubs and these can be placed at strategic points in the landscape

  • Flowering Plants- These add a very distinctive and alluring look to the landscape and make it look bright and vibrant. But they tend to be more delicate compared to non-flowering plants and will need special care.

We can also intersperse these plantings with flower beds and lawns and create the look you envisioned. For inspired planting and design in Stow, Akron, Kent and the surrounding areas, contact The Aquatic Frog on 330-256-0805.

We Provide Services to the Following Cities and Towns in OH:
  • Hudson, OH
  • Mogadore, OH
  • Copley, OH
  • Uniontown, OH
  • Ravenna, OH