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Retaining Walls / Patios / Fire Pits

Retaining Walls / Patios / Fire Pits

In most cases, retaining walls are built to support slopes and to add a certain amount of stability to the entire landscape. Though that is their primary purpose, it is possible to use then in a number of other applications. These can be an important part of your landscape and even more so, if your property is graded and has slopes. These, along with features like treated timber walls, paver patios, flagstone patios and fire pits add a distinctive look to your property and increase its curb appeal. Take a look at these features individually:

Retaining Walls

There are different types of retaining walls, based on the function they serve:

  • Piling walls- These are constructed in tight spaces and on land that has softer soil

  • Gravity walls- These are able to resist pressure from behind and are best for holding back slopes and in preventing soil erosion

  • Cantilevered walls- They can hold horizontal pressure extremely well and then convert it into more even, vertical pressure

  • Anchored walls- Any of the above walls can be anchored and they have cable reinforcements which will be anchored into the surrounding rocks & soil

Retaining Walls / Patios / Fire Pits

Treated Timber Walls

These walls look amazingly attractive and are affordable too. Large timber pieces are stacked and then reinforced with steel rods that are inserted into holes that have been drilled right through the grading. In certain settings, these walls blend in very beautifully with the landscaping and can be stained to match a home that has been clad in cedar or log.

Paver Patios

We can have your patios with pavers made of brick, concrete or natural stone. These individual units can have interlocking designs and are available in a range of designs, shapes, colors and textures. They are low-maintenance, long-lasting, easy to repair and cost-effective too.

Flagstone Patios

When it comes to choosing flooring for patios, a number of our customers across Stow, Akron, Kent and the surrounding areas opt for flagstone. This natural stone is available in a variety of colors and provides unlimited designing options. It is a hardy stone, extremely low-maintenance and will last for years without any trouble.

Retaining Walls / Patios / Fire Pits

Fire Pits

These landscaping elements can be added to open areas in your garden or yard or can be installed even on decks and patios. We can create beautiful concrete, brick or natural stone fire pits with the appropriate fill like river rock, recycled glass or lava rock. The fire pit can become the focal point of the landscape and the area around the fire pit can be turned into a seating spot.

We can add half-height retaining walls with in-built seating and the floor around the fire pits can be covered with pavers to match the pit design. The Aquatic Frog has the creativity to design the most stunning landscapes on your property in and around Tallmadge. We are the experts who handle it all. If you have a landscaping need, we will provide you with a customized solution. Call us today for a quote on 330-256-0805.

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