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Stone Walls Tallmadge, OH

Stone Walls Tallmadge, OH

At The Aquatic Frog, we have 18 years of extensive experience in working on natural stones, such as designing and installing durable stone walls. We have completed numerous projects in Tallmadge, Akron, Stow, and other cities in Northeast Ohio, making us the trusted authority in stone wall installation. Our creations are not only highly natural looking but also aesthetically superior and sturdy.

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Natural Stones: Great Wall Materials

Natural stones have been used as wall materials for thousands of years. These days, they are pretty much the materials of choice of landscaping contractors, property owners, and builders. This is not surprising given their excellent characteristics and the wide range of benefits that they can provide.

One, natural stones are absolutely elegant and stunning. Bluestone, fieldstone, and slate are the ones that are commonly used to build stone walls. Another excellent natural stone characteristic is durability; in fact, some of the world’s oldest surviving structures are made of first-class natural stones. This timeless feature makes these materials excellent for walls in outdoor spaces. Natural stones are likewise very easy to work with and can greatly enhance the overall appeal of commercial and residential outdoor spots.

Natural Stones Built by Skilled Workers

The only way to ensure world-class stone walls is to have them designed and built only by professional stone masons. And here at The Aquatic Frog, we’re proud to say that we have some of the most skilled stone masons that you can possibly hire in the state of Ohio, particularly in Tallmadge.

Our workers can guarantee fast and quality installation. With them, you can expect stone walls that are of outstanding durability regardless if they are built for decorative purposes or for specific function. They have completed numerous wall installation projects in the past, so you’re sure about their mastery of their craft.

Walls that We Can Create

Stone Walls Tallmadge, OH

As masters of stone wall installation, we can successfully build all kinds of walls that clients in Tallmadge, OH can possibly require. Among others, we can design and build retaining walls, plant boxes, tiered walls, sitting walls, and patio walls. You can choose where we should put your stone walls, how high or wide we should build them, or how they should look. We can also show you some of our past projects so you can have a clear idea of the wall design that satisfies your taste.

Stone Wall Options

Among the natural stones that we can use for walls are fieldstones, granite, limestone, travertine, sandstone, slate, and bluestone. We have reliable sources of the finest quality natural stones, so there won’t be a problem about getting your desired stone types. Whether it’s just a small quantity order or one that requires a lot of natural stone pieces, rest assured that we can source all of them.

Lengthy Experience

When it comes to experience, The Aquatic Frog is not a pushover. We have 18 years of industry experience and several decades of combined experience in the landscaping business. This means that we’re equipped with the knowledge and skills that can make us very effective in installing first-class stone walls for your property. We can guarantee that the walls we will build for you will last for decades and exhibit fine craftsmanship.

Let us design and install your dream outdoor features by calling us at 330-256-0805.

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